Below, have a look at all the events we will be hosting in the near future.

Webinar Series: Market Intelligence - The Recipe for Success
In this webinar series, our analysts and experts will guide you through the ultimate recipe for success in Market Intelligence: a combination of Competitive Intelligence, enhanced with Workforce Intelligence and Sustainability Intelligence, preparing you for the future.

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Webinar: The 5 Areas Your Market Intelligence Team Needs To Monitor
In order to guide you through the topic of Competitive Intelligence, our experts Bart Scholts and Anja Hörig will share five insights on the game changers we’ve discovered over the 15 years we’ve worked in data insights. They will also share valuable stories of customers that were able to enhance their strategic decision-making.

When: October 26, 11am - 12pm CET
Data collection & cleaning
Webinar: How To Get Insight on Your Competitors' Strategy with Workforce Intelligence
What if you knew what your competition in the food industry is up to today, so you can be ahead of them tomorrow? Our Workforce Intelligence experts Miriam van der Waal and Martijn Lustig will explain how it’s possible to harness real-time data to provide you with forward-looking and give you markers on how to interpret which data in order to gain actionable insights.

When: November 8, 11am - 12pm CET
Data collection & cleaning
Webinar: Look Ahead and Be Prepared With Sustainability Intelligence
Starting January 2026, every food company will have to comply with the sustainable reporting directive (CSRD) and file reports. To help you navigate this rather uncertain topic, our sustainability experts Martijn Lustig and Celina Kramer will guide you through the biggest problem areas so you can look ahead and be prepared for what’s to come.

When: November 30, 11am - 12pm CET

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