How A-INSIGHTS helps DMK stay competitive in an ever-changing dairy market

Elsemiek van Roekel
Published on
December 20, 2023

DMK, Germany’s largest dairy company, started its partnership with A-INSIGHTS in 2022. We asked Yascha Koik, Insights Manager Dairy Markets at DMK, about her experience using our solution.

Job Description at DMK:

"I am the 'Insight Manager Dairy Markets' in Corporate Strategy at DMK. My job is to study and understand our business surroundings. We look out for changes and opportunities early on, figure out how they matter to our company, and fit them into our work smoothly. Our team checks trends, market news, competition, politics, and sustainability to give a complete overview. As for me, I focus on understanding our competitors."


Key Challenges in the Role:

"One of the main challenges in my role is translating the insights into tailored information for a variety of internal stakeholders, addressing the specific needs of different groups."


Integration of A-INSIGHTS into Daily Workflow:

"I use the A-INSIGHTS Solution regularly to stay updated on what our competitors are doing. It's faster than going through industry newsletters. Moreover, the solution significantly aids in creating presentations, deep dives, and insights on competitive topics. Its graphical features integrate nicely into PowerPoint presentations, saving time on research and spreadsheet work.

The biggest change since working with A-INSIGHTS is that I have all the information about the competitors at glance in the dashboard. The eternal search for information in annual reports and financial statements and the maintenance of Excel-spreadsheets has come to an end, as all the important information is always readily accessible."


Unique use of A-INSIGHTS Solution for your team:

"Beyond tracking competitor developments, I use the A-INSIGHTS Solution to create detailed competitor profiles. These profiles encompass a multi-year overview of financials, strategic direction, capacities, investment activities, sustainability efforts, and product portfolios. The compiled "brochures" serve as a valuable resource within the company, offering quick overviews of relevant companies and minimizing research efforts for colleagues, especially before customer meetings."


Future Market Trends:

"I think the market will keep changing a lot. Being quick to adapt is key, and keeping an eye on changes early can giveus an advantage. Monitoring the environment will be crucial to stay competitive."

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