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No more wasted time on data collection and structuring. Our tailored pricing model lets you pay for the insights you need, when you need them.

Customize your A-INSIGHTS package
Number of companies
Including company profile, industry labelling and recent development, and 35+ cleaned financial metrics
Number of seats
Unique user log-ins with extensive onboarding
API connection
Full content integration into your system

What’s in for you

The A-INSIGHTS platform gives you access to the data insights that align with your business goals – all in one place.

Number of companies
Stay updated about the financial performance of the companies that matter to you. Our global coverage allows you to select any company you wish.
Number of seats
Get unique user log-ins with extensive onboarding for the number of stakeholders of your choice. Each seat offers a team member the possibility to log into the platform, giving them access to all insights, exports and dashboards.
Quarterly Analyst Calls
Get dedicated calls from A-INSIGHTS analysts and account managers to discuss any strategic topic of your choice.

Add-ons explanations

From more detailed insights into specific company profiles to customized projects and API integration in your own systems. There's plenty to add.

Extensive company profile
Full insight and explanation by our analysts into the drivers behind performance indicators, both qualitative and quantitative.
Market Monitor
Identify market trends, opportunities, and threats to inform your long-term strategy. With our Market Monitor, you can objectively analyze your performance and identify areas for improvement.
Tailor-made projects
Whether you're seeking to explore new markets or uncover fresh insights from your data, we're ready to discuss the possibilities with you.
API Integration
Use the API connection to easily integrate the full data contents of your A-INSIGHTS package into your own system.
M&A Monitor
Interactive monitor to help select the potential M&A targets that best suit your company.

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