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With A-INSIGHTS, you gain access to a consolidated set of unmatched global food company data. Our seasoned industry experts provide your team with a sparring partner, offering an objective voice in the room to fuel your business's future growth.

Enhance your market view
Break down any current barriers by gaining access to the largest and best data points in the food sector. Monitor all the competitors that matter to you to gain a 360 market view and make more confident decisions.
Turn data into actions
Data matters. But context is vital in getting to the necessary outcomes for your business. Our industry experts track market trends, giving your business the essential insights it needs.
Find a sparring partner in our experts
Tap into tailored expert support in the food sector, where industry insiders will guide you to uncover growth opportunities while challenging your strategies for success

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Competitive Intelligence

Make more informed decisions by gaining easy access to the best and latest data on your competitors, customers, and suppliers.

• Benchmark yourself against your competition: Gain insights into your market position by comparing your business with the financial metrics you need.

• Get the most up-to-date data on your market: Be aware of your competition latest moves with the freshest yearly and interim financials.

• Enhance your decision making: increase your impact within your organization by transforming insights into actionable strategies thanks to the ongoing support of our industry experts.

See how the market moves
Compare yourself to the industry

Workforce Intelligence

Stay ahead of the competition by exploring real-time staffing and organizational trends in your industry. 

Track staffing trends: Leverage job groups and geographic areas to reveal strategic focus and investments among your competitors.

Spot game changers: Use our ongoing, overview of new hires and leavers detailed to job group, description, and geographic area.

Analyze organizational structures: Spot differences between companies and reveal drivers of winning strategies.

Obtain clear benchmarks: Determine if your organization is running effectively with real-time data and insights.

Sustainability Intelligence

Transform discussions with your board on sustainability performance into actionable steps for improvement and innovation.

• Anticipate risks and opportunities: Predict where your business will fall short or gain a competitive edge by strategically focusing on key sustainability metrics and industry trends.

• Centralize all your sustainability intelligence: Save time by accessing all the relevant sustainability data and news in your market in one hub.

Uncover correlations between financials and sustainability performance: Identify the trends that drive positive financial outcomes, guiding you toward the right strategic path.

Stay up-to-date on market developments

Our customers love our solution

Vos Logistics

“When we were reviewing our activities in bulk transport last year I asked for an in-depth analysis of several companies. With the KvK figures, that is pretty easy for us. But the combination of multiple sources, such as annual accounts, qualitative information and news reports in one report saves us a lot of time and energy.”

Ben Vos
Best Fresh Group

“By combining market knowledge with the data insights from A-INSIGHTS, you will get a clear picture of what’s going on in the marketplace and how you perform compared to your peers. This way, you can investigate where you can gain a competitive advantage.”

Martijn de Graaf
Managing Director Farmhouse International
Royal A-Ware

“A-INSIGHTS helps us to discover the question behind the question. To really uncover what is going on in the market and to investigate the potential of a product-market combination. It’s the combination of data analytics and sector expertise of the analysts that is of added value to me.”

Antonio Rodriguez

"We now can better anticipate competitor moves in our strategy. The insights give us more power and confidence in conversations with our customers. That is why we use the data of A-INSIGHTS at almost all of our key decision moments."

Andreas Swoboda
Geschaftsfuher Bio Breadness
Sachsen Milch

“It gives us the information that we need to look at our business from a different perspective and it gives us our ranking which we can compare with others. It also helps the strategic decision-making process and questions like: should we close this department or build up that department?"

Josef Weixlgartner
Head of Business Unit Cheese
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