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Discover the single platform that does the work for business intelligence teams. From financial benchmarking to competitive analysis or company monitoring, A-INSIGHTS provides you with actionable information to define your strategy with confidence.

Finally, all your insights in one platform

The best platform for actionable data points about your industry and competitors

Every day, we help top industry players connect the dots to discover best-in-class insights beyond the data.

Save time
Our centralized, ready-to-use platform keeps all the information you need under one roof.
Compare with ease
We collect, clean, and harmonize the data so you can understand how you fare at a glance.
Be in the know
From competitors to suppliers and customers, we gather solid data insights for your decision-making.
Competitive Monitoring

Keep a close eye on the market

In a data-saturated world, don't miss out on what matters. Through deep industry expertise and advanced technology, we track and harmonize your competitors and suppliers' data, providing key takeaways and curated insights to keep you informed at the right time.

See how the market moves
Compare yourself to the industry

Compare yourself to the industry

Imagine having a personal narrator who knows everything about your competition and can give you inside information on how you stack up against them. That's exactly what our benchmarking tool does for you. With over 35 metrics, you can easily see where you stand in the market and what you need to do to take the lead.

Industry News & Trends

Stay up-to-date on market developments

We curate only the most relevant news and track financial decisions from your selected companies so you can keep up with the industry trends, hassle-free. Be in the know – anytime, anywhere.

Stay up-to-date on market developments
Know how your suppliers are performing
Supplier & Procurement Monitoring

Know how your suppliers are performing

You should always come to the negotiating table with the best info in hand. We offer you tailor-made monitoring to cover the financials of your entire supply chain – so you’re never in the dark when negotiating with suppliers.

Data Export

Export your data at any time

Tired of spending hours creating a report? Download the data you need in your favorite format and generate comprehensive templates in just one click.

Export your data at any time
Personalized guidance at your fingertips
Service & Expertise

Personalized guidance at your fingertips

Looking for a data analysis partner? From quarterly calls to organizing workshops and receiving clear industry news, our experts are here to lend their expertise and support you on key decisions.


Reduce manual work with API integration

Data is wonderful, especially when it integrates seamlessly into your own systems. We make sure our findings are within easy reach with our API.

Reduce manual work with API Integration
Start customizing the A-INSIGHTS package

The A-INSIGHTS package: for you, by you

No more wasted time on data collection and structuring. Our tailored pricing model lets you pay for the insights you need, when you need them.

Our customers love our products

Vos Logistics

“When we were reviewing our activities in bulk transport last year I asked for an in-depth analysis of several companies. With the KvK figures, that is pretty easy for us. But the combination of multiple sources, such as annual accounts, qualitative information and news reports in one report saves us a lot of time and energy.”

Ben Vos
Best Fresh Group

“By combining market knowledge with the data insights from A-INSIGHTS, you will get a clear picture of what’s going on in the marketplace and how you perform compared to your peers. This way, you can investigate where you can gain a competitive advantage.”

Martijn de Graaf
Managing Director Farmhouse International
Royal A-Ware

“A-INSIGHTS helps us to discover the question behind the question. To really uncover what is going on in the market and to investigate the potential of a product-market combination. It’s the combination of data analytics and sector expertise of the analysts that is of added value to me.”

Antonio Rodriguez

"We now can better anticipate competitor moves in our strategy. The insights give us more power and confidence in conversations with our customers. That is why we use the data of A-INSIGHTS at almost all of our key decision moments."

Andreas Swoboda
Geschaftsfuher Bio Breadness
Sachsen Milch

“It gives us the information that we need to look at our business from a different perspective and it gives us our ranking which we can compare with others. It also helps the strategic decision-making process and questions like: should we close this department or build up that department?"

Josef Weixlgartner
Head of Business Unit Cheese
Let’s change the way you get your insights

Let’s change the way you get your insights

Contact us or play around with our platform first. No matter what you decide, we’re here to help you succeed.