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7 Dairy Ingredients

1 recipe for success

The dairy industry is experiencing major changes, with pressured margins and shifting consumer demands affecting all players.

Changes are not negative by nature. They'll push you to break the status quo by enriching your market intelligence and adopting a solution that will drive more impact.

That's why we created this recipe for success: with 7 ingredients that will ensure your business is future-proofed, ready to take on the challenges of this changing market and turn them into opportunities.

1. The Dairy industry needs to invest in market intelligence

The dairy industry is changing fast, and your company is already spotting the challenges it needs to tackle.

Location mismatch
Your company is facing a logistical puzzle with the mismatch between where it produces milk, processes it, and where demand is highest. You need to make strategic adjustments to align your production centers with new markets hotspots, so you can remain profitable and relevant.
Location mismatch
Evolution of protein preferences
Evolution of protein preferences
Consumers in mature markets are diversifying their tastes as they are more and more opting for alternative dairy products. Should your company adapt to those changes, or stick to tradition?
Sustainability demands
In an era where society holds industries accountable for their environmental impact, the dairy sector finds itself under intense scrutiny. But with different rules around the globe, meeting those expectations is tough. This might leave some companies behind based on their location and market reach.
sustainability demands
Financial pressure
Financial pressure
Margins are getting tighter along the dairy supply chain. Although most dairy companies are still financially healthy, the room for error on investment decisions is declining.

These challenges can feel insurmountable when you don’t have the resources to tackle them head-on. Your company needs the most enriched Market Intelligence to make the most impact.

But here’s the harsh reality: dairy companies are falling short when it comes to investing in this critical department. They're falling behind compared to other non-food industries.

Mature industry vs Dairy industry - average market intelligence persona per company

Here’s the good news: the underinvestment isn't inevitable. Your company simply needs to invest in the right solution to begin its transition.

2. Getting started with a 360° solution

You need data from all angles to navigate these challenges and adapt your strategy. This means looking beyond just competitors' finances and getting advice from industry experts to make the most of your market intelligence.

A 360° solution is necessary if you want to reach this outcome. We've developed it after working with food companies for the last 15 years, as we found out that all of them shared the same struggles:
Data icon


Lack of breath and depth of data

Difficulty in normalization and ensuring it is always up to date

Data scattered across multiple places

Intelligence Icon


Disconnect between data and business questions needing short and long-term answers

Lack of industry experts to support in bridging this gap

Impact icon


Struggle to ensure Market Intelligence efforts have broad business impact

Lack of integration into internal processes and systems

The 360° solution will turn your Data, Intelligence, and Impact issues into opportunities for growth.
Data icon


Breath and depth of data

Normalization and ensuring it is always up to date

Centralization of all data in one place

Intelligence Icon


Seamless alignment of data with short and long-term business questions

Access to industry experts for ongoing support

Impact icon


Efforts in Marketing Intelligence have broad business impact

Seamless integration into internal processes and systems

Looking for more details? Listen to Miriam van der Waal, Head of Insights & Strategic Services at A-INSIGHTS, explain how our solution helps you gain a 360° view on your market and competition.
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3. Most common challenges among Market Intelligence teams

As we've said, most food companies face the same challenges. You and your team might be dealing with them too.

The issues with data, intelligence, and impact directly affect Market Intelligence teams, particularly in the following areas:
Expand your business into new markets
Improving key granularity on key competitors
We don't think it's inevitable. That's where a 360° solution can really make a difference for your organization.

To illustrate, let us introduce you to Sandra and Paul, two fictional characters who represent the challenges your team might face. Follow their story to see how they turn this challenge into an opportunity with our solution.
Use case expanding business into new marketsUsecase improving granularity of data on key competitors
Do Paul and Sandra's stories resonate with you? Or do you have a different use case? Get in touch with us; we have many more examples to share.
Share your use cases

4. Solving the data issue

For Market Intelligence teams, a lot of time is spent collecting, cleaning, and normalizing the data.

Then comes the challenge of adding context and insights on sustainability, earnings updates, and industry's news and trends.

It's tough to keep up with all of it.

That's where our 360° solution comes in. It consolidates all the relevant data and intelligence you need into one place, seamlessly integrating it with your systems and making it accessible throughout your organization.
Curious about how it works and why you should use it? Watch Bart Scholts, our Account Executive, as he gives you a quick tour to highlight its features.
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5. Enabling market intelligence teams through expert support

You deserve more than just a data provider.

So, what if you had an extra team member dedicated to linking data and insights with your business goals?

Investing in market intelligence means having experts by your side year-round. Our 360° solution has you covered. Our experts help you explore every aspect of the A-INSIGHTS platform, providing clear action steps to advance your goals in the next quarter and actionable insights to act upon.

And because understanding your industry from different perspectives is crucial, our Marketing and Insights teams ensure you receive fresh content monthly. Just like this:

Dairy Analysis 1
Dairy Analysis 2
Dairy Analysis 3
Dairy Analysis 4
Dairy Analysis 5
Dairy analysis 6
Dairy Analysis 7

You've gathered almost all the ingredients for your recipe of success! Would you like to explore more of our content on the dairy industry before completing your dish?

Arla analysis
Arla sustainability analysis
dairy sustainability analysis
Dairy webinar

6. How dairy companies make use of the 360° solution

Some of the world's largest dairy companies are already making use of the 360° solution.

Hear from two of our dairy customers, Royal A-ware and DMK, as they explain how they utilize our solution and why it helps them maximize their market intelligence.

Case Study Royal A-ware
Case study DMK

7. What food professionals have gained from the 360° solution

The A-INSIGHTS solution isn't just for dairy; it's helpful for all food professionals. And they're happy to tell you how it helps them. Check out what our clients saying about us!
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Ready to enrich your market intelligence with a 360° solution?

Well done! You've read all the recipe instructions!

Now is the perfect time to invest in your market intelligence. With our 360° solution, you can address dairy industry challenges directly and overcome data, intelligence, and impact issues to keep progressing. Ready to start working together?
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