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Jeroen Lustig
Published on
September 27, 2023

“We want to challenge the status quo in the food industry.” - Jeroen Lustig

It was 2009 when Bart Zirschky and I were students with a big idea. We started a student project, to help companies in the food industry analyze annual reports. That’s when we saw the growing need for objectified data analysis. There is so much data available, but how do you find the time to collect all of it? And where do you start when it comes to comparing all these different sources? That’s where A-INSIGHTS was born.

Our passion and focus have always been on food & agri. Especially with all the changes going on in the industry, we see it as our mission to guide companies through this era. Working with the biggest companies in the food sector we learnt that the challenges they all have are similar - gaining the most detailed view of their market and utilizing this so that it can become actionable.  

Every company has data, every company has teams and people doing great work to support turning this into the needed insights to help their businesses grow. However, the pace of growth in the food industry means that the volume of data, breadth of questions and speed of answers needed is also growing exponentially, the status quo of market intelligence is no longer sufficient to meet these demands. Working in the food industry, we can’t afford to just focus on growth anymore.  

The options typically used to support business have been:

  • Adding more external data to supplement their internal sources.
  • Ad hoc outsourcing of some analysis to support a now need of the business
  • Some combination of the above two.

From our experience and by listening closely to the challenges of our customers, we have developed the broadest intelligence solution available.

That is when the A-INSIGHTS secret ingredient became clear:

  • A centralized hub of aggregated strategic data sources on the food sector, think of Financials, Workforce, Sustainability and Shipment Intelligence, as well as industry specific solutions
  • Monitoring all the companies that matter to you to gain a 360 market view.
  • All the latest news and trends in your industry in one place, so you always remain in the know.
  • A team of industry experts to support and enable your team to be the objective voice in the room to challenge and validate the insights.

Our main objective is to turn all of this into forward looking insights. We use AI and our own industry expertise to make this happen, together with you. We are the best partner that can support and drive the growth of marketing intelligence to better feed their business, both for now and the future.

It's up to all of us to help shape the future of not only your company, but the food sector as a whole. Our goal is to create the foundation for food companies to build the industry of tomorrow.  

Curious to know more about our solution? Visit our product page to learn about all the details.

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