A-INSIGHTS raises capital for international growth

Jeroen Lustig
Published on
January 15, 2021

A-INSIGHTS enters a new phase by attracting a group of investors led by Green Valley Capital. Over the past ten years, Annual Insight has built up a solid position in the Dutch market. A commitment of € 1 million in fresh capital paves the way for further internationalization.

A-INSIGHTS collects and analyzes large amounts of open data about companies and markets, and translates these to immediately applicable insights in subscription form for customers - for example about competitors, growth markets and supplier risks. In recent years, the company has laid a scalable basis for growth through investments in technology. The capital injection is the catalyst for that growth, especially on an international level. It enables A-INSIGHTS to increase data coverage at an accelerated rate and create a unique online platform for all customer questions relating to open data. A-INSIGHTS consists of two business units, both of which benefit from the investment:

Within the company, the "Food & Agri" branch will benefit from the investment as follows:

  • The unique data coverage of private companies in Europe will be expanded considerably;
  • Within the platform it will be possible to easily dissect value chains and compare them with other value chains and geographic regions – a first;
  • The online platform will be renewed to bring the ease of use and the quality of insights to a higher level.

Within the company, the Public & Healthcare branch will benefit from the investment as follows:

  • A major update of the Provider Monitor, A-INSIGHTS' product in this market segment, will bring together different modules and make it easier to apply insights;
  • The integration with "Zorgpaden" and data on the demand side will give a complete overview in the social domain;
  • Together with care providers A-INSIGHTS is exploring how they too can be supported with open data, aiming to bring care providers and municipalities closer together.

Jeroen Lustig on behalf of himself and his co-founder Bart Zirschky A-INSIGHTS: “Bart and I are very happy with this step, for now we can continue our mission on a larger scale: helping companies make better and faster strategic decisions, by making use of the ever-growing amount of data in the world. This investment comes at a perfect time: our tech is ready, the team is in place for the next phase and I notice that, now more than ever, the international market is aware of the need for data-driven work. With the opportunities we have now, I am looking forward to the future even more than I already was.”

Rob Oudman of Green Valley Capital: “Bart and Jeroen and their team have built a great company with important customers for whom they provide crucial insights in their sector, year in, year out. Together with my co-investors, I look forward to supporting the team to roll out their unique Insight-as-a-Service products more widely in their core markets and thus accelerate growth at home and abroad.”

For questions or comments, please contact Jeroen Lustig: [email protected] / +31 6 39 855 600

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