Is Bangladesh Arla Food's new promised land?

Amandine Dayre & Miriam van der Waal
Published on
April 16, 2024

Markets are changing, especially in the dairy industry. In A-INSIGHTS' latest dairy webinar, our experts shed a light on a concerning trend for European dairy companies: the growing mismatch between dairy production locations and consumer demand. While European dairy players continue to operate primarily within the region, demand is growing elsewhere, particularly in Asia and Africa.

Dairy consumption worldwide is expected to go up by more than 20%, but we're seeing a problem where demand isn't matching up with where it's needed.

This situation prompts big European players to rethink about where the key growth opportunities lie beyond the established markets. Arla Food is one of those. Through its program Evolving dairy in developing countries, the Danish cooperative has made it its mission to "support the development of the dairy sector internationally". Their strategy focuses in targeting three of the world's fastest growing economies: Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Nigeria.

But, among the three fastest growing nations in the world, Arla is betting on Bangladesh

Analyzing a company through its workforce offers a fresh perspective and is an interesting way to spot signs of new strategic initiatives. Our unique Workforce Intelligence reveals that Arla has a workforce in Bangladesh over five times larger than that in Nigeria and Indonesia. It has to be said that Bangladesh represents an important market for the co-op as it reported a 25% revenue growth there in 2021 YoY, partly attributed to the popularity of its household brand, DANO.

Arla employs 5 times more staff in Bangladesh than in Nigeria and Indonesia

Arla welcomed 21 new joiners in 2023 only in Bangladesh

Interesting! But how does Arla organize its team in Bangladesh?

A-INSIGHTS' Workforce Intelligence collects data from different job websites to understand how a company's workforce is changing. While certain job roles might be more visible than others—like Sales & Marketing, which seem to dominate compared to Manufacturing & Production, even though these roles might be equally important—it seems that the core of Arla's work in Bangladesh revolves around its Marketing & Sales departments. Our data shows that 101 people are part of this department, which experienced the strongest growth in 2023 with 11 new joiners.

The heart of Arla’s operations in Bangladesh lies within its Marketing & Sales

More than half of the 2023 new hires joined the Sales & Marketing department

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