Create a bigger impact with our new Benchmark suite

Max Verbogt
Published on
February 6, 2024

When it comes to benchmarking yourself on financials, having everything is one place is a must. That’s why we’ve completely revamped our Benchmark suite to make you access all the latest financial data in just a matter of seconds.

With this update, we’ve done all the dirty work of cleaning, preparing and presenting the data, so you can focus on what matters: Translating our data and insights into making impact for your business.

More use cases for better structure

We bring structure and clarity to finding the insights that will make a difference. You’ll see that the Benchmarks section is now structured along the same chapters that you’ll recognize from the Companies section, but also that we’ve added pre-set use cases, which we think are a great way to get started with benchmarking.

An example use case is Analyze market share development, which provides an overview of the total net sales pool of the companies you’ve selected, as well as everyone’s share of the market each year. This way, you can see how your competitive landscape has developed over time, and who’s gaining and losing market share.

From the use cases, you can make all of the adjustments that you need. You’ll see that the entire section has become dynamic and interactive, allowing you to make changes to the companies, years and metrics you’re looking at in a matter of seconds.

Understand even the more challenging visuals

With a completely new set of visuals, there are a ton of insights to be gained. Some visuals can however be a little more difficult to grasp, which is why we’ve added chart guidance to help you understand all of the nuances.

Connect the dots with the Lists feature

With the update also comes the introduction of an all-new feature, namely Lists. We often hear from our customers that they have different groups of companies in their competitive landscape. With the new Lists feature, you can now make your own groups of companies and use these in your benchmarks to gain valuable new insights. Making lists is easy and intuitive and can be set up in just a few clicks.

The lists aredynamic in use: You can compare different lists of companies with each other,or even mix in individual companies.

Export the data you need in one click

Finally, while we think the updated Benchmarks section is very well suited for use in meetings directly, our easy exporting options also facilitate use of the visuals you created in for example a PowerPoint, making meeting preparation a breeze.

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