FORESIGHTS Episode 2 - Lotus Bakeries versus Hostess Brands

Celina Kramer
Published on
August 21, 2023

Going through reports can take a very long time, not to mention drawing actionable conclusions for the entire industry. That's why we have formulated FORESIGHTS: comprehensive video episodes led by A-INSIGHTS experts, discussing latest market developments and equipping you with the insights you need to make strategic decisions and adapt to changes.

Lotus Bakeries and Hostess Brands recently filed their half year reports. In our second episode of FORESIGHTS, analyst and bakery specialist, Celina Kramer, sheds light on the most important insights of these two large bakery players' financial figures and what impacted their perfomances.

We can also help you and your company deep-dive into the performance numbers of your competitors, suppliers and customers. Our solution experts are only a call away!

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