From “slow adopters” to “trailblazers” - What food companies need to do today to lead the way in sustainability

Miriam van der Waal
Published on
October 31, 2023

Today, only one out of 6 food companies sets targets and reports progress on their Scope 1 & 2 emissions. Unless they accelerate their efforts, more than half of those companies will miss their targeted -50% near-term reduction by 2030.

So, what can these companies do to succeed and achieve their sustainability goals?

The data is here. It is now easier to gain access to it. It is also more comparable and of higher quality. Food companies need to speed up their efforts now by using all the data available to uncover areas of improvements.

Sustainability reporting can no longer be seen as just a nice-to-have. It is becoming mandatory worldwide and investing in proper sustainability intelligence today will help your company lead the way tomorrow.

This report aims to be a valuable tool to help you not only meet your sustainability goals but also excel in creating a more sustainable future for the food sector. This report focuses on a number of specific industries–Dairy, Bakery, and Fruits & Vegetables—which are representative of the entire food sector, so it can deliver valuable and actionable insights to guide all food companies forward.

Do you want to read the complete report? Download now for free!

In this report, you will discover:

  • The current state of Sustainability Reporting in the food industry and what you can learn from the top 50 companies in the Bakery, Dairy and Fruit & Vegetable market.
  • Why investing in sustainability intelligence today will help you lead the way tomorrow.
  • The best practices from and beyond your own market.

More about sustainability

As sustainability is too often seen as a source of fear instead of a well of growth opportunities, we encourage you to keep yourself informed on the topic.

Our previous report, Uncovering the State of Sustainability Reporting, will offer you valuable insights on the different sustainability frameworks and the practice of sustainability reporting in the food sector.

In our webinar, Look Ahead and Be Prepared With Sustainability Intelligence, our experts shared some best practices to help you leverage sustainability intelligence to your advantage.

We also invite you to read our market-specific sustainability content focusing on Dairy and Bakery to be fully equipped and bring the future closer to your company.

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