Product Update Q4 2022: New Features of the Performance Monitor

Martijn Lustig
Published on
November 2, 2022

At A-INSIGHTS, we are always working on the improvements of our products. The last quarter we have been working on optimizing The Performance Monitor, to make it an even better tool to work with. Below you can find all the new features we've added to the dashboard, and how to use them.

1. Our Trends & Market section is live!

We have listened to you and enriched your news section with unique content created by A-INSIGHTS to keep you up to date about relevant topics within your industry and economy. Industry content related to:

  • Sustainability – Plant-based vs traditional food
  • Supply Chain dynamics – Shortages & Inflation
  • Food Retail Developments
  • Export & Import highlights - where are products being exported to?
  • Benchmarking – tips around how to benchmark yourself with peers

You now have two verticals: Industry News and Trends & Reports

News Section: Trends & Market

2. Insights into Financial Health and Investments for all clients

In times of inflation and shortages it’s important to understand the financial position and expansion plans for your competitors, suppliers and clients. Therefore, we have decided to add insights into financial health and investments for all our customers, available from BASE package on!

  • Financial Health – what reserves does my competitors or suppliers have to take a hit given the inflation and price pressure?
  • Insight into solvency, quick ratio, equity base and net operational cash flow
  • Investments – which of my competitors or suppliers are expanding (ratio > 1)?
  • Insight in Net Capital expenditure / Depreciations

Financial Health & Investments - Net Capex Depreciations

Formulas explained

  • Operational cashflow = EBIT +Depreciations + Change in Net working capital – Financial Expenses
  • Net Capital / Depreciations = ((Tangible Fixed Assets + Intangible Fixed Assets) - (Tangible Fixed Assets [LY] + Intangible Fixed Assets [LY]) + Depreciations) / Depreciations

3. And many more...

  • Filtering options on value chain link, product groups and product categories in “benchmarks”
  • Improved functionalities such as data export to .csv per graph, enlarge button and snapshot function
  • Value formatting control – billions, millions, thousands
  • Informative icon to highlight when more insights are available in “companies” overview

Go directly to your dashboard via the button below and start using these new features now!

Upcoming developments

For the next coming months we want to work on the following.

  • Implementation of textual company insights to easier grasp conclusion of performance developments
  • Improved bulk export functionalities to .csv to fuel preparations of internal presentations and reviews
  • Addition of explanatory fields such as formulas used, deviating accounting principles
  • Contextual insights based on correlation between activities of companies and financial performance – what business model is most profitable or strongest growing?
  • Redesign of Homepage

Your opinion matters to us! If you have any great ideas for next developments, you are always welcome to share them with us.

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