Product Update Q2 2023: Frozen Potato Market Monitor

Mathieu Geuskens
Published on
April 3, 2023

At A-INSIGHTS, we are always working on improving our products. In the past quarter, we've been working on the update of the market sizes and outlook in our Frozen Potato MarketMonitor. Furthermore, we've added the Bill of Lading data for the first countries. Below, we've detailed some first insights on consumption developments and information on the new Bill of Lading feature.

Stronger market recovery than anticipated, but supply chain challenges persist

With all the data for 2022 in, we've updated our estimates of the Frozen Potato market size and our outlook for future growth. In 2022, the total market volume increased by 5.9%, which was higher than our initial estimate of 4.3%. Growth is realized in the out-of-home channels, whilst retail consumption reverted back to pre-COVID levels. 

Out-of-home channels bounded back to their pre-COVID growth path

Both Foodservice and QSR have fully recovered from the pandemic-related restrictions imposed through most of 2020 and varying parts of 2021. Out-of-home markets in Europe and Latin America continued their earlier growth path, whilst various countries in the Middle East saw consumption spike due to the increased tourism associated with the FIFA World Cup. In Asia, continued government measures in the key market of China slowed down region-wide growth, although other large markets such as Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines showed strong consumption increases. 

Constrained supply pressured market growth

Although the total market shows stronger growth than expected, continued supply chain challenges constrained market growth in various markets. Australia and South Africa were unable to offset reduced domestic supply with increased imports, leaving consumption below pre-pandemic levels. Shortages in the US reduced exports of both the US itself and its key suppliers to lower-priced markets in Latin America, despite the increased production in Europe after a good 2021 harvest. At the same time, Russia has managed to limit its consumption volume decline despite heavy sanctions and the exit of international producers from its market, primarily by ramping up imports from Turkey.

Bill of Lading data provides insight into key competitors and clients in sected markets

In addition to the updated consumption and production data, we have added Bill of Lading data for selected countries to the dashboard. This detailed trade data provides insight into the movements of both key competitors and prospective customers, including volume and price developments. 

Cleaned detailed trade data gives insight in competitor movements

On the new Bill of Lading page in the MarketMonitor dashboard, you can find detailed trade data for 10 import markets in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. We have cleaned this data to enhance comparability and ease of analysis, ensuring all data has correctly assigned and uniform producer and importer names, weights, and price levels. 

The new page provides a quick overview of producer market shares in the selected markets, as well as its development over time. Furthermore, top importers and their price levels are shown, as well as the development of the volumes exchanged by producers and importers. This allows you to track shifts in who is supplying who, and what price levels competitors have at specific importers. We would love to hear what you think about the new feature, so please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or ideas. 

Up next…

In the coming quarter, we will reach out to our users to present our detailed analysis of global consumption and the drivers for expected growth. Furthermore, we will continue to expand our data coverage by adding cleaned Bill of Lading data for additional countries and statistical trade data for more exporting countries. 

If you have any ideas or requests for features, KPIs, or visual improvements, please reach out and let us know so we can continue improving the product to best meet our user’s needs!

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