Working at A-INSIGHTS: Thesis Internship in Amsterdam

Fadi Meggouh
Published on
March 18, 2022

My name is Fadi Meggouh, 23 years old and I am currently doing my graduation internship for the master Business Analytics at the VU University Amsterdam. With my thesis internship at A-INSIGHTS I have found my ideal place to graduate. In this blog I write about my experiences at A-INSIGHTS.


A-INSIGHTS is a young and fast growing company that offers insights in the financial and operational performance of large companies and compares this to their direct competition. The clients of A-INSIGHTS are mainly large market players in the Agri Food industry and many Dutch municipalities/healthcare institutions. By means of data analysis and our financial expertise we offer our clients many new insights in different areas.

For municipalities and care institutions A-INSIGHTS has developed a product called the Aanbiedermonitor. For the Agri Food industry we have the Performance Monitor, an online dashboard where clients can see an overview of their performance and easily compare it to the competition. During my internship, I will research possible innovations to expand the Performance Monitor. A very promising role!

There is a friendly atmosphere at the A-INSIGHTS office. And that's not just because the average age is 28, or because it is located in Amsterdam, but also because colleagues welcome each other with enthusiasm and open arms. There is a culture where everyone is there for each other and compliments each other for their hard work. A perfect example of 'Work hard, play hard'.

A thesis internship at A-INSIGHTS 

As an intern it is important to be involved and get used to the company from day one, at A-INSIGHTS this is certainly the case. I was shown around immediately and after the first day I knew how to find everything I was looking for. I also noticed that colleagues from different departments introduced themselves and gave me a warm welcome. I had many conversations in the first week and got to know my colleagues very well.

During my internship at A-NSIGHTS, I will be researching the use of advanced data analysis methods and artificial intelligence to predict future financial performance. I will be looking at using historical data to discover new patterns and trends that lead to profit and growth. The goal is to build a new dashboard in the Performance Monitor that provides insight into future company performance. Something that is very valuable for companies to have more insight in.

During my internship, I also had many introduction sessions and training sessions. Because of this I have a good view on the work within A-INSIGHTS. I have also learned a lot about the sectors in which A-INSIGHTS is active. The Agri Food sector is much more complex than most people think. A-INSIGHTS knows the market very well and how it develops.

It is a very exciting challenge to write your thesis at this company. It is not comparable with a normal thesis. In case of problems or difficulties I can contact my internship supervisor or another colleague at any time of the day, one of which is going to Washington in a few months to present his thesis at a big congress.

Do you want to know more about a thesis internship at A-INSIGHTS? Or do you want to apply directly? Check the vacancies below or send a message to [email protected]

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