[Webinar recording] Gain a 360° view on your competition with A-INSIGHTS

Tim Keereweer & Miriam van der Waal
Published on
April 25, 2024

In this webinar we’ll show you how to analyze your competition from all angles and get a 360° view of the market and your competitors.

And for that, all you need is these ingredients:
  • Financials: Get insights into your competitors’ financial health and performance based on annual and quarterly updates
  • News & Trends: Know exactly what’s happening in your market and receive the right context to the changes in financial numbers
  • Workforce: Track your competitors’ next moves, analyze their strategies and go from insights to foresights
  • Sustainability: Turn new regulations into advantages and see which competitors are filing already
  • Shipment: Uncover what’s behind the global trade of your competitors

Combining all of these altogether will get you the 360° view of your market and competitors you’ll need to stay on top.

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