[Webinar recording] The 5 Areas Your Market Intelligence Team Needs To Monitor

Anja Hörig & Bart Scholts
Published on
October 26, 2023

57% of individuals working in strategic positions in the Food sector only look at their competitors’ financial results irregularly. But making smart strategic decisions and challenging the status quo requires you to have access to not only the best but also the latest data on your competitors, customers, and suppliers.

In order to guide you through the topic of Competitive Intelligence, our experts Bart Scholts and Anja Hörig will share five insights on the “game changers” we’ve discovered over the 15 years we’ve worked in data insights. They will also share valuable stories of customers that were able to enhance their strategic decision-making.

In this webinar recording, we will discuss:
  • The ultimate way to get the fullest picture of the market – and not just monitor a few competitors
  • How to turn your collected competitor data into actual insights
  • How to turn those insights into business impact (showcased via real-life examples)
  • How to level up your Market Intelligence maturity to ensure business development and innovation

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