What's new on A-INSIGHTS: Platform update Q3 2023

Max Verbogt
Published on
July 18, 2023

Continuous improvement is at the heart of our efforts at A-INSIGHTS. In the past quarter, we’ve worked on some exciting upgrades to the platform. Discover the biggest improvements we’ve made below.

Improved layouts depending on screen size

Our platform now boasts a new, responsive layout and navigation bar that optimizes your experience across different screen sizes. Whether you’re using a phone, tablet, laptop, or large screen, our tailored layouts ensure an improved user experience. Additionally, we’ve aligned our platform with our new brand identity, implementing new fonts and styles, reflecting our commitment to delivering a visually consistent and aesthetically pleasing interface across all devices.

New home page and introduction of filing progress overview

Our home page has also received a comprehensive update. In line with the above, the home page is fully responsive to your screen size and device, ensuring an optimal viewing experience no matter how you access our platform. Moreover, each section of our client portal now has its dedicated widget on the home page, allowing for easy access and streamlined navigation.

The platform's new home page

One notable addition is the newly introduced ‘filing progress’ widget, providing insight into the number and percentage of companies that have filed annual reports yearly. This widget is available on the home page and prominently featured on the company highlight page. Clicking on a year in the widget now shows all information per company for that specific year (as opposed to the most recent year available per company) – reflecting frequently mentioned feedback from our users.

Embeddable portal

We are excited to announce the expansion of our API proposition. We now offer the capability to seamlessly embed our portal within clients' existing systems, including intranet portals. This means that you can integrate our features and functionalities directly into your own system, enabling a unified and streamlined user experience for your team. By allowing our portal to be embedded, we empower clients to leverage the power of our platform within their preferred environment, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

In the quarter ahead, we’re planning to work on more exciting things, such as updates to our benchmarking functionality. Of course, we always welcome feedback and ideas – get in touch with your account manager if you want to share your thoughts!

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