Working at A-INSIGHTS: working student in business analytics

Peter Jager
Published on
March 23, 2022

My name is Peter Jager and since November I am combining my master degree in Business Administration and Management at the Erasmus University Rotterdam with a working student position at A-INSIGHTS. Below I will tell you a bit about the company, my position as working student/Junior Analyst and my experiences in Amsterdam so far!


A-INSIGHTS is an advanced data analysis company that provides companies in the Agri Food sector and in the Public & Health sector with reliable and objective insights. By means of an online dashboard, companies and municipalities can make strategic decisions based on objective, data-driven insights.

A-INSIGHTS started in Amsterdam in 2009, when founders Jeroen Lustig and Bart Zirschky were still studying. That young, dynamic and entrepreneurial atmosphere still prevails within the company, all processes are continuously improved, there is an open feedback culture and the team is very young. The company has made huge steps since 2009, with a team of driven talented people we now serve a variety of customers in the Netherlands and abroad, but that young innovative atmosphere is still very noticeable!

Working student in business analytics (Junior Analyst) 

As a Junior Analyst, you are immediately involved as a full member of the company. From the very first week, I was given a lot of confidence and responsibility, and even though you work part-time, you really become part of the team. I am currently working on analysing and checking the annual figures of various healthcare providers, so that municipalities can put good and reliable providers under contract.

Another project I worked on was a market assessment for an animal feed producer as part of an internationalisation strategy. In that project, I learned a lot about modelling in Excel, working with large public databases and creating slides in PowerPoint.

I also worked on internal projects, such as researching new potential countries and sectors for A-INSIGHTS to acquire new customers, and creating slides to support this. A wide range of activities and this variety makes the job very interesting and challenging!

My experiences as a working student 

Besides working two days a week at the office in Amsterdam, I spend the rest of the week working on my master's degree in Rotterdam. Within my job as a working student I was able to apply a lot of my knowledge from my master in my job and vice versa. At the beginning of my period at A-INSIGHTS we made some learning goals to work on, to make it as instructive as possible for me.

There is a lot of understanding that I am still studying and therefore also have to pass exams and assignments, which makes it easy to combine with your studies.

Furthermore, I always try to work on Fridays because of the cosy free libations, we organise fun outings with the team and we recently went on a winter sports trip with the entire company!

Does this company, this function and my experiences as a Junior Analyst sound like something that would also suit you? Please don't hesitate to send me a personal message via [email protected], I would be happy to answer all your questions. Also check our website for current job openings via the button below!

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