The Shift to Alternative Proteins

June 13, 2024

The demand for alternative proteins is increasing, impacting multiple sectors within the food industry - be it the obvious ones like meat, dairy and fruits & vegetables - or less obvious ones like the ingredients sector. But is it really the right move for every company to jump on the alternative protein-train?

In this webinar, we show you:
  • An overview of the projected protein demand and the role of alternative protein in it.
  • Which (hidden) trends we currently see in these markets in terms of expanditure, with use cases from big companies within the industry.
  • What pathways this will form for the future of these companies (i.e. use of plant-based ingredients, hybrid products).
  • An overview of the average amount of staff focused on alternative proteins - are you below or above average?

We've hosted this webinar together with very special guests & experts on the silent revolution of alternative protein. Download the recording now!


Robert van Ballegooijen
CEO - Van Loon Group
Jeroen Lustig
Co-Founder - A-INSIGHTS
Fred Nijland
Director Strategy and Innovation - Deloitte
Kobus de Klerk
VP of Alternative Proteins - Kerry Group