How much do you really know about Arla? PART 2

May 3, 2024

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important part of companies in the food industry. But at what rate should you expand your sustainability team? This can be tricky, since both investing too much too early and too little too late could have a negative impact on your costs. That's why we've analyzed Arla - the leader in sustainability within the dairy industry. How is their sustainability team structured?

At A-INSIGHTS, we've been helping companies like Royal A-ware, DMK, and Royal FrieslandCampina level up their market intelligence. And that's why we've also developed our unique Workforce Intelligence: gathering data from various job sites to give you foresights into staffing trends of a company.

Arla stands out with one of the strongest ratios of sustainability staff per billion sales among its competitors. Going one level deeper, we used our unique Workforce Intelligence to uncover how the co-op Sustainability team is organized.

In this exclusive analysis you will learn

How Workforce Intelligence can help you spot early signs of new strategic initiatives from competitors.


Amandine Dayre
Content Marketing Manager
Miriam van der Waal
Head of Insights & Strategic Services