How much do you really know about Arla?

When benchmarking yourself against your competitors, you should really consider every aspect of their business.

The dairy market is changing. Demand for dairy products is rising in Asia and Africa, which represent a great opportunity for growth for companies who will supercharge their market intelligence.

Arla is doing just that, as they are betting in developing countries. But among these three growing economies−Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Nigeria−can you guess in which one they're expanding their workforce the most?

In this analysis, you will learn
  • How Arla is evolving their market intelligence by betting on developing countries
  • How Workforce Intelligence can give you a 360 view on your competition
  • How this 360 view can bring you from insights to foresights


Miriam van der Waal
Head of Insights & Strategic Services
Amandine Dayre
Content Marketing Manager