The Future of Dairy: why dairy companies need to redesign their milk supply and factory network

March 7, 2024

Financial data can reveal a lot about the performance of an industry. Let our experts Jeroen, Anja and Max tell you everything you need to know about what trends (or should we rather say *foresights*) can be expected in the dairy industry this year and what you can do to stay ahead of your competitors.

With this webinar recording, you will get insights on:
  • How the demand for protein and dairy products is evolving around the world
  • Data-driven insights for the two biggest challenges the dairy industry faces in the upcoming decade
  • Foresights for 2024 on the development of volume, price, profit margins and the hottest growth pockets


Anja Hörig
Customer Success Manager
Jeroen Lustig
CEO & Co-Founder
Max Verbogt
Product Owner
Julie Rothehüser
Webinar Host