Look Ahead and Be Prepared With Sustainability Intelligence

November 30, 2023

With the mandatory CSRD filing coming up in 2025-2026, every company will have to comply with regulation and CSR as topic is becoming increasingly important for strategic decision making. Besides making themselves ready to file according to CSRD standards, every company is increasingly interested in their competitor's sustainability data already available and, especially, how it compares to their own data.

To shed lights on what data is out there and what insights you can get already, our knowledgeable colleagues on sustainability Martijn Lustig and Celina Kramer will guide you in this webinar.

In this webinar recording, we will discuss the following:
  • The role of CSR reporting and how it will evolve
  • Most common challenges that companies encounter when gathering sustainability data and processing it into insights
  • How you can start comparing sustainability data between companies despite the lack of regulations
  • How to find correlations between sustainability and financial performances


Martijn Lustig
Head of Product & Tech
Celina Kramer
Senior Analyst