How To Get Insight on Your Competitors' Strategy with Workforce Intelligence

November 8, 2023

What if you knew what your competition in the food industry is up to today, so you can be ahead of them tomorrow?

A way to find out exactly that, is to hold up a magnifying glass to their workforce – the ones that leave and the ones that are hired. Start monitoring when and where your competitors are hiring which job roles and what insights that can offer you on their company’s strategy.

Our Workforce Intelligence experts Miriam van der Waal and Martijn Lustig will explain how it’s possible to harness real-time data to provide you with forward-looking and give you markers on how to interpret which data in order to gain actionable insights.

In this webinar recording, we discuss:
  • How combined data from LinkedIn and annual reports can give you insights on competitors’ hiring strategy
  • How to leverage competitors’ job group and geography patterns to reveal their strategic focus
  • How to spot the difference between companies and reveal drivers of winning strategies
  • How you can determine whether your organization is running effectively


Miriam van der Waal
Head of Insights & Strategic Services
Martijn Lustig
Head of Product & Tech