From "slow adopters" to "trailblazers": What food companies need to do today to lead the way in sustainability

Today, only one out of 6 food companies set targets and reports progress on their Scope 1 & 2 emissions. And, unless their accelerate their efforts, more than half of those companies will miss their targeted -50% near-term reduction by 2030.


So, what can food companies do to succeed and achieve their sustainability targets?


Read through our report to gain the insights that will help you not only meet your sustainability goals but also excel in creating a more sustainable future in the food industry.

In this report, you will discover:
  • The current state of Sustainability Reporting in the food industry and what you can learn from the top 50 companies in the Bakery, Dairy and Fruit & Vegetable market.
  • Why investing in sustainability intelligence today will help you lead the way tomorrow.
  • The best practices from and beyond your own market.


Amandine Dayre
Content Marketing Manager
Miriam van der Waal
Head of Insights & Strategic Services