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Data insights

A 360-view on data insights

The terms data and data insights are often used interchangeably, but they have distinct meanings. Data is raw information collected from various sources, such as reports and surveys. Data insights, on the other hand, refer to the processed and analyzed data that provides valuable information and answers important questions. At A-INSIGHTS, we don't just collect data; we transform it into meaningful insights that help you identify growth opportunities, understand your market, and address your customers' needs.

Turning raw data into valuable insights requires time and expertise. From identifying relevant data sources and collecting and cleaning the data to producing insightful reports, our platform handles all the tedious work so you can free up time to focus on strategic decision-making.

Data sources
Data can be found everywhere. Relevant, complete, and up-to-date data – not so much. We believe that annual reports, sustainability reports, or news articles contain comprehensive information about a company's financial, social, and environmental performance, which are crucial factors for making informed business decisions.
Data sources
Data Collection & Cleaning
Collecting and cleaning the data can often feel like a never-ending task and accessing certain data can be challenging if you don't know where to look. That’s why we collect and clean the data for you so you can ensure the quality and reliability of the information you need for your analysis. With our help, you can focus on making data-driven decisions with confidence.
Data collection & cleaning
We know that making sense of the data is your priority. That’s why it’s ours, too. By presenting financial and sustainability data and metrics in a clear and user-friendly format, we allow you to efficiently allocate your time and resources towards shaping your business strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is data?

Data is computer-stored and processed information in various forms (numbers, text, images, audio, and video) that are organized to represent facts. It is crucial for information systems, decision-making, research, and analysis.

What’s the difference between data and data insights?

Data refers to the unprocessed information (numbers, text, images…), while data insights focus on adding meaning and value to this raw data. Turning data into insights is essential for understanding your market, adapting your business strategy, and enhancing your decision-making process.

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