Measure up with your competition

Benchmarking against key competitors on 35+ metrics has never been easier. Our ready-to-use visualizations paint a clear picture of your performance, so you remain only one click away from your position in your industry.

Understand how the market moves
Monitor your performance with Interactive KPIs

Gain insight into your position in the market

Dive into your company's core without effort. Our metrics reveal your strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between - from growth and profit to investments and financial health. See how you stack up against the competition, spot trends and uncover competitors’ performances you weren’t aware of.

Sharpen your strategy with performance reports

Deliver objective insights to your stakeholders – just like that. Twice a year, we proactively send you a report on your performance, industry comparison, key areas for improvement, relevant news, and top-performer metrics. No input or request needed: we take care of the insights so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Sharpen your strategy with your Bi-Annual Performance Reports
Monitor your performance with Interactive KPIs

Participate in personalized market update workshops

Unlock insights with our dedicated workshop. In just two hours, we'll guide you through your company's metrics and help you identify areas for growth, benchmark your performance, find opportunities, gain perspective, and learn from the competition. Our team is on-hand to clarify everything you see, so you can recalibrate your strategy and internal initiatives based on facts and data.

Line up support for key decision moments

Get the support you need for critical decisions. We'll be by your side with a carefully selected overview of metrics and financials, whether it's a board of directors update, bi-annual market review, or financing negotiation. With our help, you'll not only understand your current position but be fully equipped to confidently explain it to any stakeholders.

Sharpen your strategy with your Bi-Annual Performance Reports

Benchmarking, but with an easy twist. That’s what A-INSIGHTS does for you.

Why you should use our Benchmarking feature
See how you compare at a glance
Understand the bigger picture through visualizations
Focus on the insights, not on gathering the data

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Get the insights you need to succeed

Get the insights you need to succeed

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