Data Export

Take the data insights with you

Export your metrics, company profiles, and visuals in a snap with our data export feature. Choose from PDF, PowerPoint, or image formats and share the data you need, hassle-free.

Take the data insights with you
Create financial reports in seconds

Create financial reports in seconds

Forget about gathering, cleaning, and processing the data – focus on adding value to it instead. Our data export feature allows you to build efficient templates and generate easy-to-understand reports effortlessly. Start now and save time immediately.

Pull comprehensive company profiles

Instantly generate competitor financial reports for ad hoc analysis, static reports, and meetings. No need for live dashboard access – get the info you crave at any time.

Pull comprehensive Company Profiles
Download Annual Statements on demand

Download annual statements on demand

Turn annual reports into your business’s best friend. We keep a library of reports from your suppliers, competitors, and industry peers cataloged so you can access them at any time. We also make sure you never miss out on annual statements from companies filing in hard-to-reach registers.

Get all your essential data at your fingertips

What our Data Export does for you
Generate instant reports
Focus on the bigger picture
Access hard-to-find company statements

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