Competitor Data

As an important component of competitor intelligence, competitor data provides key insights into the operations and performance of your competitors. As such, this information can prove enlightening in terms of current and future market developments.

Competitor Data

Studying competitor data is the way to outperform the competition

Competitor data includes any and all relevant information about your competition - from their products, services, and pricing to marketing strategies and operations. Knowledge of this is what can help you discover what they’re doing right or wrong and how you can best capitalize on the available market trends and opportunities.

Competitor data helps you discover your true potential

Here’s how studying competitor data can help you establish a competitive edge in the market.

Capitalize on opportunities
With the right competitor data, you can quickly identify emerging market trends and growth opportunities.
Know where you stand
Competitor data can reveal your exact market position. With competitor data, you can undertake a SWOT analysis and use it to improve your business.
Maximize profits
Scaling business and increasing revenue becomes easier when you use competitor data to optimize optimize your pricing strategy and value offering.

How to get competitor data

Wondering what are the most accurate sources to get competitor data? Well, here’s where you can look to find accurate data about your competitors.

Looking for competitor data? Know these challenges before you begin.

Data collection is not easy. Obtaining accurate competitor information can be tough, especially since details might not be publicly available. Here are some common hurdles you may come across when trying to source competitor data:

Let’s change the way you get your insights

Let’s change the way you get your insights

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to gather sales data of your competitors?

One of the most credible ways to source sales data from competitors is by examining their financial statements or annual reports. These documents are generally audited and publicly available. However, you need to know what information to extract from these documents to obtain accurate sales data. You must also ensure you don’t resort to any unethical or illegal means to obtain these documents.

How to gather revenue data of competitors?

Revenue information is generally available on a company’s financial statements or annual reports. By analyzing these documents, you can gain a comprehensive insight into their historical data. However, this process can be quite time-consuming and lengthy. Simultaneously, you must also exercise caution to avoid using unethical or illegal means to obtain these documents.

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