Supplier & Procurement Intelligence

Supplier and procurement intelligence is the foundation of resilient, smooth-running procurement processes. Underpinned by large quantities of data, this intelligence guides procurement management and informs procurement negotiation, providing stakeholders with crucial insights to inform their decision-making.

Supplier & Procurement Intelligence

So, what is supplier and procurement intelligence?

Supplier and procurement intelligence is the process of gathering and analyzing data on supplier performance, costs, and risks. This information is helpful for businesses to devise informed procurement strategies and improve supplier relationships. Procurement teams usually follow this process to gain insights for making informed decisions about supplier selection, negotiation, and management.

It’s not difficult to understand that when you analyze historical data and supplier performance metrics, you unfold a better position to proactively identify patterns and potential issues to optimize procurement processes, reduce costs and mitigate supply chain risks.

Leveraging supplier and procurement intelligence is a recipe for success

From operational to financial hurdles, supplier and procurement intelligence allows you to gather robust information which you can use to create sustainable and innovative sourcing strategies. With supplier and procurement intelligence, you can:

Negotiate smarter
Supplier and procurement intelligence uses specialized tools to help you evaluate market pricing. This can help you prepare and plan well for negotiations and establish meaningful pricing strategies.
Avoid/manage risks
If you’re keen on making strategic sourcing decisions, obtaining supplier and procurement intelligence is a great way to go about it. Gathering supplier data can help you make the right procurement decisions.
Reduce costs
Supplier and procurement intelligence can be a great profit driver. It can help you considerably save costs by providing information on spend analysis, vendor cost comparisons, and other outflows and expenditures.
Improve procurement management with supplier intelligence

Procurement management refers to the process of planning, executing, and controlling the procurement of goods and services from suppliers. It’s closely related to procurement intelligence, the process that helps to make informed decisions about supplier selection, negotiate better contracts, and manage supplier relationships more effectively.

Smart supplier and procurement intelligence play a crucial role in improving procurement management by providing valuable insights into supplier performance, costs, and risks. They enable you to optimize your procurement processes, identify potential supply chain risks, and develop strategies to mitigate them. As a business, when you leverage procurement intelligence to inform procurement strategies and decisions, you create the situation to improve supplier relationships, optimize procurement processes, and mitigate supply chain risks, resulting in better overall procurement management.

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Improve procurement management with supplier intelligence
Undertake smart procurement negotiation for a win-win
Undertake smart procurement negotiation for a win-win

If you’re tired of negotiating with suppliers endlessly and still not getting the results you desire, procurement negotiation can make the process result driven.

By accessing accurate procurement and supplier intelligence you can quickly gauge the supplier’s cost structures, delivery times, product quality and other key metrics. This information can help you better negotiate pricing terms and other contractual conditions. Ultimately, you land into a better position to identify potential issues, develop contingency plans and address performance metrics during the negotiation process.

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