3 Sustainability Best Practices From Dairy Trailblazers

Miriam van der Waal
Published on
November 22, 2023

It is time to build a more sustainable dairy industry

As cliché as it may sound, sustainability cannot wait any longer. While societies and governments are pushing corporations for tangible greener shifts, with sustainability reporting becoming mandatory in many parts of the world, our latest report on sustainabillity reveals a stark reality: 2 out of 3 food companies haven’t even begun to report on their sustainability efforts, underscoring a concerning delay and lack of commitment.

Dairy companies must act now if they don’t want to miss their targets

It won’t come as a surprise to anyone: dairy is a highly polluting industry. With dairy companies aiming for a 47% reduction in their Scope 1 & 2 emissions in the near term, our previous report highlighted the urgent need for them to ramp up efforts today to avoid missing their targets.

The good news? Some dairy giants are leading the way in sustainability. This report focuses on these trailblazers and the actions they’re taking to build a more sustainable dairy industry.

Who is this report for?

As sustainability is taking center stage in every department and role, this report is designed to benefit every professional in the dairy industry. Packed with actionable insights and best practices, it’s your shortcut to accelerate initiatives, spot the trailblazers, save time and resources, and seamlessly implement these practices within your own company.


Go beyond the greenwashing to see real results.

Dairy companies are active on their sustainability efforts. In fact, all global dairy players are engaged in reducing their Scope 1 & 2 emissions – consult our report Uncovering the State of Sustainability Reporting for detailed informations on Scope 1, 2 & 3 in the dairy industry – and many are following the same game plan (Download the Dairy Industry Best Practices cheat sheet here).

So, what sets the trailblazers apart?

Trailblazers don’t only follow the same steps as their industry peers. They go the extra mile by:

  • Growing their sustainability workforce. Arla hired more than 4x more sustainability staff in its organization in comparison to the industry top-20. For every billion of sales, trailblazers employ 4 to 5 sustainability people.
  • Focusing on insetting their emissions, not only offsetting them. Royal FrieslandCampina is on a quest to make its reach net-zero emissions by supporting member dairy farmers to invest in renewable energy production, while Nestlé is helping farmers to shift to regenerative agriculture.
  • Sourcing > 50% of their sustainable palm oil via supply chains that allow companies to clearly trace the palm oil they use to sustainable sources. Arla even sources 90% of RSPO-certified palm oil via these supply chains.

Trailblazers hired 3-4x more sustainability people in their organizationcompared to the industry average

Number of sustainability roles per €billion sales

Do you want to read the complete report? Download now for free!

In this report, we will discuss:

  • Who are the leaders in dairy sustainability and associate specific actions with their names
  • How you can learn the best practices applicable to your business now for achieving your sustainability goals
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