Gain insight into your competitors with benchmarking

Jeroen Lustig
Published on
January 12, 2022

Benchmarking provides companies with an objective measure of their business, by comparing their performance with that of similar companies. You cannot judge your performance by just looking at yourself. Compare it to a race that you run on your own, without a stopwatch: how do you know if you’ve done well when you cross the finish line?

Agri food companies that incorporate data as an asset are winning in their market. Join other front runners in the dairy industry and learn how Sachsenmilch, a specialist in the field of milk processing, uses the Performance Monitor to benchmark against competitors. A-INSIGHTS interviewed Josef Weixlgartner, Head of Business Unit Cheese of Sachsenmilch, about how they use data to determine their strategy for the future:

"The Performance Monitor gives us the information we need to look at our business from a different perspective and to benchmark our competitors."

How Sachsenmilch incorporates data to make fact-based strategic decisions

Like any other company, Sachsenmilch wants to be aware of the developments in the market, but that is not easy. Weixlgartner: “We have access to some data sources, but it’s not our core business. We make and sell cheese, we do not specialize in data gathering and analysis. A-INSIGHTS has accumulated a lot of dairy sector knowledge over the years, so they understand the market. That was the point for us to say: let’s work with A-INSIGHTS, as they translate the numbers into insights we can use.”

Gain insight into the competition by benchmarking with the Performance Monitor

Sachsenmilch uses the Performance Monitor as a tool to get a clear image of the key figures of their competitors. Weixlgartner: “We benchmark with other cheese companies. The combination of a complete overview and the text analysis helps you get more insights and context. Our focus is to see the development of our main competitors over the years: what is the development of their key figures and their strategy? This information is very important for us. Moreover, using the Performance Monitor saves us a lot of time and energy.”

3 benefits of working with the Performance Monitor:

  • Enrichment of information and translation of data into actionable insights
  • Objective insights to help the development of strategic goals and ambitions
  • Know where you stand in comparison to your competitors

Curious how A-INSIGHTS helped Sachsenmilch gain more insight? Read the case study and learn more about the benefits of the Performance Monitor.

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