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In a fast-developing industry, the ability to leverage data in a way that you profit from it will help you stay relevant and win in the market. But with all the data available these days, where do you start? And more importantly, what are the fundamentals of performing an analysis in the agri food industry? This page explains how to perform the two most fundamental analyses for agri food companies: industry analysis and market monitoring.

Food industry analysis
the essentials

A food industry analysis is a tool used by businesses to outline and understand the competitive dynamics throughout the entire value chain. It provides companies in the agri food industry with an overview of what is happening in the industry, what changes are taking place in the value chain, the degree of competition within the value chain links, and what external factors might have a significant influence. A food industry analysis helps business owners understand their company’s position compared to other players in other value chain links. Therefore, performing an industry analysis could be of great value to a company and its business owners.

Market monitoring
in the food industry

Whereas a food industry analysis helps agri food companies understand the dynamics in their industry, market monitoring helps agri food companies to evaluate their current position and development of that position objectively. Besides, it helps to determine where new growth opportunities exist and where markets are saturated. These insights allow you to substantiate your choice to attack current and/or new markets and enable you to anticipate shifts in the market quickly.

Market monitoring helps agri food companies to get better insights into:

  • Their market share and how it is evolving in specific markets and product

  • Where the market is heading, by having insights into supply and demand dynamics on a regional or global scale

  • International trade and pricing insights to understand how the market structured

Food industry analysis & market monitoring
with the Performance Monitor

Curious how you can easily perform a food industry analysis and/or monitor your market? The Performance Monitor is the answer! Book a free demo and we can give you a tour of the dashboard and how it can give you the necessary insights.

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